So to sum up, if you want to defrag Windows 10 without any fuss, both the utilities are pretty good and you can choose either of them. Keep in mind, you must not defrag Windows 10 if you are using a solid state drive laptop. SSD is built on a different technology than mechanical HDD. SSDs have limited read/write count and regular defragmentation will further decrease its lifespan. So you should absolutely NOT defrag Windows 10 if you are using an SSD.

If Repair Your Computer isn’t available, the recovery tools aren’t installed on your computer. BCDEdit is the command-line utility that you can use to manage BCD stores on your computer. BCDEdit works similarly to Bootcfg.exe available on Windows XP systems, but with more options available and various improvements. Press Win + R to open Run, type cmd, and press Enter to open the Command Prompt window. Have you not restarted your system for a long time? This may also be the reason why it is running slowly.

Once you have done that, go ahead and restart your system. After your PC boots, see if the application is working. Wait for it to complete as it starts to scan your system for any corrupted or missing files. Now, on the System settings screen, switch to the Focus assist tab on the left-hand side.

BCDEdit on Windows XP

However, you will still need at least a dual-core, 64-bit processor, 64GB of storage and TPM 1.2. The OS will also tell you that your device is in a „unsupported state.” If you already own a Windows 10 PC and it’s eligible for an upgrade, you may not receive your Windows 11 update click here in October or even in 2021 as the company plans a tiered rollout of updates. Of course, if you install Windows 11 from an ISO file, you can probably force an update. Clicking Start slides open a new pane that barely resembles the scrolling lists of apps and utilities found on the traditional Start menu. In Windows 11, this space is split into two rectangles under a search box, with the top half dedicated to program icons and the bottom half given over to shortcuts to recent documents.

  • Open the application file from its original location.
  • Screenshots are great to grab images from web pages, capture desktop applications, and create program how-tos.
  • These let you define the area that you want to capture.
  • For customers who are using a PC that won’t upgrade, and who aren’t ready to transition to a new device, Windows 10 is the right choice.

Right under your nose, Microsoft allows a number of apps to automatically run at startup on Windows 11, along with other programs you may download such as gaming clients or VPN services. To prevent these apps from hindering your system’s performance, follow the steps below. Those are some useful basic Windows gestures, but it’s time to step it up and notch to advanced levels. But what many may not realize is that there are a bundle of super-helpful features hidden within the OS.

But if you have trouble taking ownership of the HelpPane.exe then you can take the help of the guide Take Full Control or Ownership on Windows 10. Create a new F1KeyDisable.reg file using any text editor like Notepad and save it. Put the following lines in the text file before saving. Finally, reboot your PC and see if you’re able to fix Windows 10 Get help pop up issue. Click Repair All to fix issues with Patented Technologies . One of those resolutions will probably fix the get help in Windows 10Bing search pop up.

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You can check the list below for the 40+ useful Windows 10 Snipping Tool and Snip & Sketch shortcuts and their functions. The Snipping tool has always been the best way to take screenshots on Windows. The decision to replace it never went down well with the community, and the Snip & Sketch could never measure up to the classic experience.

Microsoft has re-imagined how the PC should work for you and with you. Another thing that’s finally shipping is Hyper-V for Windows on ARM. This actually has been in testing with Insiders since February 2020. Unfortunately, do to various delays with Windows 10X and everything else, Windows 10 has only received enablement package updates since then. One thing that Satya Nadella said at the Build keynote is that the new OS will “unlock greater economic opportunity for developers and creators”.